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Gold Account

We offer you an easy way for purchasing, storing or shipping precious metals via Loyal Bank's NetBank. Transactions are available in US Dollars, Euros or Swiss Francs.

Gold customers need to have an account with Loyal Bank and a DigiPass to conduct transactions via the NetBank. For clients who do not have a DigiPass or use the NetBank, manual order documentation is available here to download:

Download purchase/sell order form
Download delivery order form

Having downloaded, printed, completed and signed the form, please scan and email it to us to myloyalgold@loyalbank.com

If you have any question, please contact us.

How to buy Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium:

  • We open a personal or corporate account for you
  • You place a purchase order online or fill in the form for the product of your choice
  • LOYAL GOLD purchases you precious metal at the best available price
  • LOYAL GOLD stores your previous metals in an insured and secure vault in a stable and tax free European country , or you can request delivery and have your physical precious metal shipped into your home ( subject to shipping costs and any import duties or taxes )

To learn more about our products, please go to our products site.